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Moonland Information
Environment Grassland
Creatures Weaver Creatures
Magi Weaver Magi
Relics Weaver Relics
Spells Weaver Spells
Location on Map
Arderial, Naroom
Weave Paradwyn

The Weave is a Moonland characterized by wide plains covered by extremely tall grasses. The Weaver Magi often wear clothes made of grass. Unlike the Naroomi, the Weavers lack pointed ears. The Dream Creatures of the region resemble plains creatures and grassy plants.

Magi-Nation Duel

Many Dream Creatures from the Weave feature an eponymous regional effect allowing for the sharing of battle damage or the sharing of energy to attack.


When Nagsis had replaced Gia, the Weave initiated a war with the region of Cald. The Unwanted The Weave also sought an alliance with Orothe to further this war. The Great Relic Robbery The impostor eventually was discovered by Kolte and later by Iyori, though Nagsis had succeeded in developing Black Weave to be used as a weapon. The Weave was freed from the illusion by Zaya with help from the rescued Gia. The Prodigal Daughter


The Weave is a grassy plain just outside of Vash Naroom which is the home of Naroom's matriarch, Gia, who studies the Core and lives alongside Eidon. A stone temple at the southwestern point of the Weave connects the Core and the rest of the Moonlands. The Weave is an access point to Arderial and to the Underneath, and a stingy sailor owns a ferry service between Cald, Orothe, and the Weave for three-hundred Animite per trip. A windmill on a farm contains a Bag of Bones and a Water of Life in the grass. The farm's owner offers Tony a Master Rune for setting him free. Magi-Nation (GBC)

TV Series

The Weavians had been given the region's Dreamstone by the Weave Guardian Hyren, who preferred to relax instead of guard the stone. Believing it to be sacred and called the Haz-Mai, the Dreamstone was vigorously guarded by the Moonland's leader, Bo'Ahsa. When the Moonland was threatened by a Shadow Geyser, the Weavians had to rally to fight instead of relying upon the assumed auspices of their Dreamstone. The Precious Haz-Mai