Volcano Hyren

Volcano Hyren MND

S1E12 Volcano Hyren

Dream Creature Information
Species Hyren
CCG Information
Moonland Cald
Expansion Set Promotional
Rarity Promo
Series Information
Moonland Cald

Volcano Hyren is a Hyren that protects Cald. It resembles, a quadrupedal, draconic volcano.

Magi-Nation Duel

Volcano Hyren was released as a Promotional card of Magi-Nation Duel.

TV Series

The Volcano Hyren was the Guardian Hyren of Cald and was the central volcano of the Moonland. Its Dreamstone was located within a volcanic cavern where it was protected by a pool of magical emerald lava which would burn anything non-living. Tony Jones managed to acquire the Dreamstone from the Hyren when he realized that he could reach into the magical lava and bring the stone out barehanded. Fiery Betrayal

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