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Void energy is powerful and evil energy from the Core which corrupts whatever it touches and explodes onto the surface Moonlands through Shadow Geysers. Corruption by void energy is the source of corrupted Shadow Magi and Shadow Creatures.

Magi-Nation Duel

Void energy tainted Agram due to his anger because his brother, Padram, had fallen in love with Une, whom Agram loved. Fists of Rayje When Agram and his allied Magi were imprisoned within the Core for allying with the Invaders, void energy radiated from the prison's Black Animite walls eventually corrupted the prisoners and the Core, itself. source needed

Agram later harnessed this void energy and created the Shadow Geysers in an attempt to release himself from the Core. The Legend of Tony Jones Despite not being freed, the geysers of void energy nonetheless signaled the Invaders to return, this time to the Moonlands. Invader

During the war between the Weave and Cald, the Weave was corrupted into Black Weave by void energy by Nagsis, in the guise of Gia. The Prodigal Daughter

TV Series

Void energy could be released through an Allegiance Relic, as when Amara was purified by Strag. The Shadow You Know However, void energy also was channeled through an Allegiance Relic in order to corrupt Orwin into a Shadow Magi. Fiery Betrayal