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    Region-based categories (i.e. for Magi from Naroom) have fallen behind schedule and need to be updated. To help organize maintenance by Moonland, I'll be making a listing of how many pages will need to be re-categorized per region. I'll work on the smallest group first to make certain that everything works out properly before progressing on the maintenance. As I have been unable to get a bot set up on my Mac thus far, all of this will be done manually. Anyone with a bot working can join in as well - comment below or in the Bot thread if you're interested.

    452/452 (100% complete)

    Arderial (60/60)
    Bograth (36/36)
    Cald (42/42)
    Core (46/46)
    d'Resh (23/23)
    Kybar's Teeth (19/19)
    Nar (24/24)
    Naroom (57/57)

    Orothe (55/55)

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    File Maintenance

    January 16, 2015 by Lhikan634

    As a part of the ongoing maintenance and overhaul project, files (primarily images) also need to be cleaned up significantly. These guidelines will be used to complement the existing Image Policy and will detail some of the primary factors going into file maintenance.

    File Usage

    Every file uploaded to the wiki must be usable on at least one (1) article unless a special exemption is given. Moreover, an image should not be uploaded without immediate intent to use the file on a page. So, an image of Trulb should not be uploaded unless a) the Trulb page already exists or b) the uploader intends to begin an article for Trulb. Any unused file may be subject to deletion, and files which cannot be used on existing articles will undergo deletion.

    Personal I…
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    April 1, 2014 by Lhikan634

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    April 1, 2014 by Lhikan634

    It's come to my attention that there's really not much of a policy section on the Magi-Nation Wiki. While few policies may sound nice, it's this lack of guidelines that's led to many of the current issues faced on the Magi-Nation Wiki.

    Before delving into some of the guidelines, it's important to say that this isn't a time of pointing fingers but instead a time of moving forward. Look, I was still a young teenager when I founded this wiki. Most of what I've learned about wikis has come through trial-and-error over the past 6 years. So here are a few things that should be looked at being added as official policies / guidelines.


    Multiple minor edits in succession should be avoided when at all possible. It's one thing to notice som…

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    Featured Creatures

    March 29, 2014 by Lhikan634
    1. Final Dreamer
    2. Return to Vash Naroom
    3. Kybar's Teeth - Djarmander
    4. Fire and Ice
    5. Blight
    6. Enemy in the Sands - Quanjuel,
    7. First Geyser
    8. Arena Night
    9. The Shadow You Know
    10. Cloud Cover -Epik
    11. The Depths of Courage
    12. Fiery Betrayal - Primroot, Furok
    13. The Eyes of Agram
    14. The Precious Haz-Mai - Baldar,
    15. The Forum of the Elders
    16. Magi Undercover
    17. Frozen Fortress
    18. The Secret Chamber - Stinglas, Ocean Strider
    19. Beware of the Realm Raiders - Ocean Strider, Szhar
    20. Earth to Tony - Szhar
    21. The Preserver
    22. Brave New Realm - , Epik
    23. Voyage to the Dream Plane - Salamark, Baby Orathan
    24. The Ultimate Dream Creature - Toad Dog, Djarmander
    25. Fate of the Moonlands
    26. Day of Destiny - Furok, Ugger

    1. The Final Hyren
    2. Flames of Glory
    3. To See Through Sand
    4. Eye of the Storm
    5. Inside the Dark Heart
    6. Hunt for the Hunter
    7. Peak Performance
    8. The A…

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