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About Me

I am Lhikan634, the creator of the Magi-Nation Wiki. My main area of expertise is on the TV series. I am generally a bit slow on editing due to real life. This now includes graduate studies, work, and life in general. That being said, I do still try to monitor every edit here as I get e-mail notifications of most edits as well as any messages left on my Talk Page. My main focuses as an admin tend to be vandalism control, template creation, and policies.

Recent Projects

Moonland Categories (February 17, 2016)

Moonland-based categories (i.e. Magi from Nar) have been updated to use the adjective form of the Moonland in accordance to the MND literature. Links on Moonland pages should function as intended now.

Article Overhaul (March 15, 2015)

All existing articles have been re-organized per the current Manual of Style and have had an appropriate Infobox added.

See User:Lhikan634/Projects for more.

Current Projects

Several things will need to be worked on for maintenance in order to get articles on the wiki up to par. Full details are included on the overhaul blog.


All images uploaded must be usable on articles and must correspond to an existing article. Additionally, all images must actually contribute something to the article. All images on the wiki heed to be sorted, and unused / unusable files will be removed.

Sprites from the video games need to be edited to all be white-background images. These re-uploaded images should also fit one of the three (3) acceptable aspect ratios: 1:1 (square), 4:3 (screenshot), or 33:40 (card).


Templates need to be gone through to make sure that unused templates are removed and that useful templates are created and up-to-date.