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Moonland Information
Environment Subterranean
Creatures Underling Creatures
Magi Underling Magi
Relics Underling Relics
Spells Underling Spells
Location on Map
Bograth Underneath Kybar's Teeth

The Underneath is a subterranean region of the Moonlands containing a network of tunnels and a diverse selection of giant mushrooms and other fungi, some of which comprise the diet of the Underlings and others of which are used as building supplies. The region's primary entrance is located under Kybar's Teeth, though several other entry points exist. The Underling Magi have a symbiotic relationship with the mushrooms that take the place of their hair. The native Dream Creatures comprise burrowing animals, fungi, and crystals and are often bioluminescent.

Magi-Nation Duel


Underneath decks revolve around the strategy of using Burrow to reduce damage taken by two energy per attack while losing the ability to attack. Burrowing can be used to stall the opponent in order to draw more potent cards such as Ormagon and Thunderquake.


The Underneath was accessed by Tony Jones from an entrance in the Weave across the fence to the north of Gia's farm. A network of tunnels required digging to navigate. He then entered the region's Shadow Geyser and, along with Gogor, rescued the Underneath from Morag.

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The tunnels are accessed from the northern edge of the Weave through the statue of a grotesque head. They contain green, bioluminescent mushrooms. As the tunnels frequently cave in, Crystal Gloves are necessary. Other areas are accessed by destroying the wall with a Blast Urn. The tunnels also connect to Cald, Naroom, and an old watchtower on a desolate island. One of the tunnels deep below the Cald lava vents houses the Cave Hyren and the Mush Hyren.


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Bogrom is a town comprising the majority of the Underneath's populace, including Motash, Gogor, Gruk, a historian, and Ulk. A Mushroom Forest leads to Gruk's mushroom farm which contains a transport circle to the Core Ringsmith as well as to Ormagon's lair. Also in the forest are a number of round rocks, under one of which hid a former prisoner of the Shadowhold who would reward Tony with a rare item upon being rescued. The Prospector Garage in northern Bogram is the region's mining headquarters and the location of the Ringsmith, Fossik. Bogram also hosts the Scrub the Brub mini-game where tickets can be earned to spend in Vash Naroom's Curio Shop.

Notable Inhabitants

TV Series

Strag is native to the Underneath. Final Dreamer


  • Underneath magi tend to be dark skinned despite living in an environment devoid of sunlight.
  • The Underneath was one of the five original Moonlands released in the First Edition set of Magi-Nation Duel.
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