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The Precious Haz-Mai
Season 1, Episode 14
S1E14 Weave.png
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"The Eyes of Agram"
"The Forum of the Elders"
Production Information
Air date January 5, 2008
Written by Ben Joseph
Directed by Paul Hunt
You-Won Paeng
Series Information
Setting Weave

The Precious Haz-Mai is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Magi-Nation. It aired on January 5, 2008.


Upon venturing to the Weave for the region's Dreamstone, the trio find it to be guarded as a sacred object called the Haz-Mai. Tony is locked up for touching the stone but is freed by a Heppeswip. When a Shadow Geyser erupts, the Weavians must team up to defend the Weave, and Tony is given the Dreamstone.


Tony, Edyn, and Strag go to the Weave to get the Weave Dreamstone, but when they get there, no one is in sight. They easily find the stone as it is high up in a temple, but there is no Guardian Hyren present. When Tony attempts to remove the stone, it is revealed that there is a forcefield. The three try to figure out the puzzle, but an alarm goes off and the three are attacked by three Weave Magi. It is revealed that the Weave magi worship the Dreamstone as the precious Haz-Mai and consider it the source of their good fortune. As punishment for touching the precious Haz-Mai, Tony must spend a week in jail, surrendering his Animite. Edyn and Strag are left to try to convince the Weavers that the Dreamstone is not the source of their good fortune and to try and find the Guardian Hyren, as the Book of Elders has stated that "one Gaurdian Hyren you must see" when no Hyren was present.

Tony escapes to find the Guardian Hyren, who turns out to be rather lazy. He returns and is about to be punished when a Shadow Geyser opens, turning wild Dream Creatures into Core Creatures when they touch it. The Weave Magi and the three protagonists fight the Core Creatures. During the battle, Tony, Edyn, and Strag solve the puzzle and have a chance to take the Dreamstone, but leave it to return to the battle. The Weave magi close the Geyser and offer the Dreamstone, realizing that they are the true reason for the Weave's good fortune. The Guardian Hyren appears, saying that the test simply was to convince the Weave Magi to give them the Dreamstone.