The Forum of the Elders
Season 1, Episode 15
The Forum of the Elders
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Production Information
Air date January 12, 2008
Series Information
Setting Bograth
Kybar's Teeth

The Forum of Elders is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Magi-Nation. It aired on January 12, 2008.


While looking for a Dreamstone in Bograth, the trio are attacked by Chur, who attempts to destroy the Book of Elders. With the book instead being transported to Kybar's Teeth, the trio must prove themselves worthy to Snout and Peepers to reclaim it.


Tony, Edyn, and Strag search for a Dreamstone in the swamps of Bograth. Edyn states she hates Bograth and a cloud of swamp gas hits Strag in the face. Tony, hearing a noise, looks behind him and a black goo-like creature latches onto his arm, giving Tony a new Dream Creature. Shortly after, a Muck Rain Spell sends Furok back to the Dream Plane, and the group is attacked by Chur and Yugull. Chur steals the Book of Elders and seemingly burns it prior to leaving.

Tony, however, doesn't see any ashes and also noticed the book burned with a white flame. This energy then is recognized as being the same color as energy from Kybar's Teeth, and Tony suggests that the book is there.

Atop Kybar's Teeth, the trio finds a temple. Heading inside, Edyn magines a Brub to light up the darkness, revealing several stone statues of warriors, varying from samurai to centurions to knights. Suddenly, the two-headed dragon, Snout and Peepers, shows up. The dragon reveals the Book of Elders is on Kybar's Teeth because it has a spell on it that sends it back to the mountain, safe and sound, if anyone were to try to destroy it. The dragon also states the trio must pass three trials in order to prove themselves.

In the first trial, Strag negotiates with a group of warriors, earning their trust and gaining a Piercing Howl Relic as a gift. In the second trial, Tony leads his friends across a group of floating stones to the forum, aided by a group of Baldars swinging them from stone to stone. In the final test, Edyn needs to find the right book out of several. At first, she is unsure which one but then remembers the real book has a tea stain in it thanks to her.

Having reclaimed the book, the trio is ready to continue their quest. Snout and Peepers explain how warriors from Earth have been summoned for thousands of years due to the Final Dreamer being foretold to come from Earth. They also reveal one of the warrior statues to be that of Spencer Jones, Tony's grandfather.