Magi-Nation Wiki
Magi Information
Species Eliwan
Moonland Underneath
Expansion Set First Edition
Rarity Uncommon
Series Information
Moonland Underneath
Partner(s) Freep
First Appearance "Final Dreamer"
Voice Actor Daniel Petronijevic

Strag is a Magi native to the Underneath. He has purple mushrooms atop his head instead of hair.

Magi-Nation Duel

Strag was included in the Basic and Unlimited releases of Magi-Nation Duel. He provides Dream Creatures under his control with a one energy layer of protection from attacks.

TV Series

Strag was a descendant of Agram and was trained as a Shadow Stalker. source needed Strag was tasked by Orwin to search for Edyn, who had become lost in the Weave. Afterwards, Strag joined alongside Edyn and Tony Jones on a quest to gather the regional Dreamstones. Final Dreamer

He was also once an arena champion, but gave up his position due to the fact that most of the contestants were cheating, which was enough to inflame an entire city against him. source needed

Strag later brought Tony and Edyn to visit his parents. Upon reliving old memories and his being descended from Agram, he stormed off. source needed he later attempted to reconcile with his parents, but to no avail. source needed


Strag is a Shadow Stalker and uses his Moon Sense to anticipate danger and to hunt down Shadow Magi. source needed As a Magi from the Underneath, Strag is sensitive to light and can collapse due to heat. Enemy in the Sands When forced into battle, he usually resorts to using his Freep.

Among the Final Dreamers, Strag is the team expert in the use and knowledge regarding Relics, and he is known to collect them.

Strag with yellow fungus

Dream Creatures


  • In the animated series, Strag has sometimes has blue fungus on his head and other times yellow, and he has stock art featuring each color.