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Moonland Core
First Appearance "Final Dreamer"

Shadow Magi is a term for Magi who have been corrupted from their original affiliation by the void energy of the Core emanating from Black Animite. This corruption not only affects the mind but the body as well, often resulting in green, disfigured skin. Many of the earliest Shadow Magi were corrupted in order to serve the will of Agram.


The Shadow Magi were sent from the Core by Agram and served as opposition to Tony Jones during his travels through the Moonlands. Many of these Shadow Magi serve as unintelligent grunts, with a handful of intelligent Shadow Magi serving directly under Agram.

TV Series

The Shadow Magi, consisting of Agram and his followers, were trapped within the Core in ancient times. Final Dreamer Upon being corrupted into a Shadow Magi, that Magi's Dream Creatures often are corrupted, becoming Shadow Creatures. source needed

Notable Shadow Magi


  • While Morag implies that they reside in the Core when they aren't needed in the gameboy games, none are present there when Tony is able to enter the Core.