Sand Hyren

Sand Hyren ND

S1E06 Sand Hyren

Moonland d'Resh
Expansion Set Voice of the Storms
Nightmare's Dawn
Series Information
Moonland d'Resh
First Appearance "Enemy in the Sands"

The Sand Hyren is a Dream Creature that protects the sands of d'Resh. She is a draconic Hyren with sand-colored scales and turquoise armor like that of a samurai.

Magi-Nation Duel

Sand Hyren was released as a part of the Voice of the Storms and Nightmare's Dawn expansions of Magi-Nation Duel.

TV Series

The Guardian Hyren of d'Resh disguised herself as a Sand Gila and tested Tony by creating a scenario in his mind in which he had to choose between his own life being spared or those of Edyn and Strag. Upon Tony's decision to sacrifice himself in what be believed to be a life-or-death scenario for both himself and his friends, the Guardian Hyren revealed herself and gave Tony the d'Resh Dreamstone. Enemy in the Sands

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