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S1E26 Rokreeper.png
Dream Creature Information
Series Information
Moonland Universal
Partner(s) Edyn
Tony Jones
First Appearance "Day of Destiny"

Rokreeper is a Dream Creature created by combining Tony's Furok, Edyn's Ugger, and Strag's Freep into a single chimaera-like form. As the combined form of three other Dream Creatures, Rokreeper does not possess his own Animite.

TV Series

Rokreeper was formed by invoking the powers of the Final Dreamers during the battle against Agram. When summoned, his three Magi commanded him in unison with knowledge of his attacks. He only remained manifested for a short while but quickly managed to defeat Agram's Koil, Gorath, and Umbra Hyren within two attacks. Day of Destiny


  • Color Shell Whip
  • Root Saw Blast