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Moonland Information
Environment Jungle
Creatures Paradwynian Creatures
Magi Paradwynian Magi
Relics Paradwynian Relics
Spells Paradwynian Spells
Location on Map
Weave Paradwyn Orothe
Kybar's Teeth, Bograth

Paradwyn is a Moonland that consists of an exotic jungle landscape. The Magi of the region have lime green skin and exotic hair colors, and their culture revolves around hunting. The native dress is somewhat primitive and is accented by furs and leaves. Paradwynian Dream Creatures are oversized and exotically colored flora and fauna.

Magi-Nation Duel

Paradwyn was engaged in a war with Bograth which was initiated by Korg, the usurper of the Bograthian throne.


Paradwyn was mentioned by Agram when he mentioned some regions where a few unspecified Shadow Geyser had started to rise up. Paradwyn was also mentioned in the new home of an Underling who took up residence in Cald.

TV Series

Paradwyn was home to the young girl, Iyori, and her father, Bazha, the elder of Paradwyn. The protecter of Paradwyn's Dreamstone is the Mythicore, the most powerful Guardian Hyren and Dream Creature to be discovered.


  • Paradwyn was first introduced in the Nightmare's Dawn expansion of Magi-Nation Duel.