Obsis MND

S1E06 Obsis

Dream Creature Information
CCG Information
Moonland d'Resh
Expansion Set Voice of the Storms
Rarity Rare
Series Information
Moonland d'Resh
Partner(s) Tony Jones
First Appearance "Enemy in the Sands"
Voice Actor Rick Miller

Obsis is a Dream Creature native to d'Resh. It resembles a small rodent that possess a spiked shell similar to that on a snail.

Magi-Nation Duel

Obsis was included in the Voice of the Storms expansion of Magi-Nation Duel. Obsis can be used as a deterrent against playing Creatures, though it is a bit difficult to make use of in most circumstances due to its play restrictions.

TV Series

An Obsis decided to join Tony after being used to defeat a Bone Grag. Its sole attack consists of spinning its body and releasing sand. Enemy in the Sands Obsis was called upon sparingly in later events. source needed


  • Due to bearing a snail-like shell, Obsis somewhat resembles Athik and Mydra.

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