Moonland Information
Environment Tundra
Creatures Naran Creatures
Magi Naran Magi
Relics Naran Relics
Spells Naran Spells
Location on Map
Arderial Nar
Naroom, Orothe

Nar is the northernmost Moonland and consists of ice and snow. Naran Magi tend to have blue skin and white hair. The region's Dream Creatures often resemble arctic animals or have bodies made of ice and snow.

Magi-Nation Duel

In ancient times, the Naran Magi went into hiding for thousands of years. Eventually, however, they ended their hermitage in order to assist Naroom to free them from the reign of the Dark Twins, Warrada and Hrada. source needed


Most Nar Magi have low starting energies which is compensated by high energize rates, becoming more effective after the first few turns. Many Naran Creatures have high energy, acting as a bulwark between the enemy and the allied Magi. The central strategy for Naran decks uses the freezing status activated by effects, causing the opponent's Powers and Spells used on frozen cards cost an extra energy. Additionally, many Naran Creatures receive bonuses when frozen.

Notable Inhabitants

In the TV Series

Nar was the home Moonland of Halsted. Fire and Ice


  • Nar was the last region to be officially released in any media.