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Dream Creature Information
Species Hyren
Series Information
Moonland Paradwyn
First Appearance "The Ultimate Dream Creature"

The Mythicore, believed to be the Ultimate Dream Creature, is a Dream Creature resembling a winged lion such as the chimera. It possesses a mane of Animite from which it can summon an army of Dream Creatures. Its Animite is, in reality, the Paradwynian Dreamstone.

TV Series

Shalax, a hunter sent by Agram, tried to capture the Mythicore but became scared and fled into the woods upon encountering the Mythicore's army of Dream Creatures. The Mythicore possessed more power than any other known Dream Creature. As discovered by Tony, Edyn, and Strag, its Animite was actually the Paradwynian Dreamstone itself. He also said that he would never be any Magi's Dream Creature. The Ultimate Dream Creature

The Mythicore's Vineyenna Animite later was stolen by a Paradwynian guard named Myrv and was blackmailed to do Myrv's will. Forced to work as his Dream Creature, the Mythicore fought in a league against Mercenair, who used the Weave Hyren. The Mythicore, and thus Myrv, won when Mercenair ran out of energy to keep the Hyren magined. The Mythicore defeated many more Dream Creatures after that, and his final opponents were Edyn and Strag. source needed


The Mythicore is so powerful that it has the power to revert Shadow Magi back into regular Magi in the same manner as the Allegiance Relic. The Mythicore can also use the Animite which comprise its mane to summon an army of Dream Creatures. The Mythicore is thus far the only known Dream Creature to use a spell.

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