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Moonland Core

Morag the Executor is a Magi from the Core. He functions as Agram's second in command in his conquest of the Moonlands.

Magi-Nation Duel

Morag was released as a part of the Awakenings expansion of Magi-Nation Duel. His starting cards are Borgor, Shryque, and Dream Rift.

Morag was once an Animite scientist on Planet El. During an accident, he lost his legs but was saved by Agram. During the war with the Invaders, Morag sided with Agram out of loyalty and, as a result, was eventually trapped within the Core for thousands of years.

Morag later was sent by Agram, through a Shadow Geyser in Arderial, to the surface of the Moonlands. Here, Morag battled against Tony Jones but was defeated. Following the defeat of Agram, Morag remained in the Moonlands with a final Core Seed.


Morag was a Core Magi who made use of immensely powerful spells and numerous Dream Creatures including Koil, several Hook Wings, Dark Ayebaw, Shryque, and several Borgors.

Morag was a part of the rebellion that rejected the Eliwan being permitted to learn the powers of the Magi and was allied with Agram. However, Morag was defeated and stripped of his powers.

While attempting to destroy a village in the Underneath, Morag encountered and battled against Tony Jones twice. The first time, Morag only used his Koil and was beaten easily. The second time, however, Morag used several immensely powerful Borgors in an attempt to soundly defeat Tony.

As Tony learned about Morag's past, Morag appeared in the Weave with two Core Stones, along with Korg and Zet. They kidnapped Tony and took him to Cald, where they plotted to sacrifice Tony. The Magi of Cald, however, intervened and allowed Tony to escape. After Cald's Shadow Geyser was sealed, Morag crashed the celebration in Cald to kidnap two Calder girls and Tony to the Shadowhold.


  • Morag's quote before his first battle with Tony varies from "Pesky kid" to "Annoying little whelp" based, presumably, on Tony's level.
  • Numerous statues of Morag are present throughout the Shadow Geysers of Magi-Nation (GBC).