Magi-Nation Wiki

All Trivia sections on the Magi-Nation Wiki should abide by the following guidelines. As a general rule of thumb, a Trivia section should be as short and to-the-point as possible.


Information on the inspiration for a character's name may be added under the Trivia section. Bear in mind as well that origin information should follow the bulk of the evidence and should note the best fit origin information.


As with all other information, the Trivia section should remain focused on the topic in question and not become off-topic. Also, it is important to keep the information relevant to the Magi-Nation universe, not on similarly-named beings from other media.

Misplaced Trivia

If the information falls under another section such as "History" or "Users," then it should be placed under the appropriate section instead of being placed under Trivia. Likewise, if the information already appears elsewhere in the article, then it should not appear under the Trivia section as well.


All statements on articles, even the Trivia section, should remain neutral and unbiased. For instance, there should be no statements such as "Tony and Edyn are the best pairing" or "Furok is the best Dream Creature." Such statements are based on opinion and are not objective.


Under no circumstances should speculation be added, either within the main body of the article or within the Trivia section. If there is some shadow of doubt as to a statement's validity, then that is a good sign that is is speculative.


One of the common confusions about having a Trivia section is on the definition of "trivia." As used on the MNW, trivia may be thought of as miscellaneous yet relevant information which does not fit elsewhere. As such, trivia should not be trivial, or unimportant, details. Thus, "is the only" statements are typically best avoided.


There is no need to include information about being the "first" to have a certain characteristic or appearance. For instance, the Trivia section should not mention the first Dream Creature to appear on-screen or the first Dream Creature from a particular region to be animated. Remember as well that the Magi-Nation universe has years of history, so many apparent "firsts" from the perspective of the viewer may not, in actuality, be the first occurrence thereof.