Magi-Nation Wiki

Templates are used on use the Magi-Nation Wiki (MNW) in order to easily insert the same type of content throughout different pages. Using templates helps with consistency and makes updating certain formatting, such as Infoboxes, be a lot easier. The templates included below are a sampling of the more common templates on the MNW. For a full list of templates, see Help:Templates and Category:Templates.

Article management

Article management templates are used to flag problems on articles and to sort the articles based on the problem. For a full list of article management templates, see Category:Article management templates.



The Delete template should be added to an article to nominate it for deletion and categorize it under Category:Candidates for deletion.



The Disambiguation (Disambig} template is used to link to articles that have similar or identical names. Any articles that link directly to the disambiguation page should be re-linked to the appropriate page. The Disambig template also categorizes the page under Category:Disambiguations.



The Stub template is used to flag articles that have little or no useful information and categorize them under Category:Article stubs. Not all short articles are stubs, however, if they already contain all known and relevant information.

General templates

General use templates are used for a variety of formatting functions. For a full list of article management templates, see Category:General wiki templates.



The Clear templates are used to move content below existing content, such as an Infobox, for formatting purposes.



The For template is used to link to similarly-named articles, without having to use the disambiguation page, in the format of "For x see y."

Green Link

{{greenlink|<section>}} and {{gl|<section>}}

The Green Link template is used to distinguish a same-page link to a different section, typically on long articles such as media source pages or policy pages.

Table of Contents (TOC)

{{TOC}} and {{TOC|<left>}}

The TOC templates may be used to manually re-position the table of contents for formatting purposes and floats the table of contents to the right. This template can also be made to float the table of contents to the left.

Template code (T)


The T template provides sample template code, with a link to the template, without directly applying the template. This template is primarily used on Help Pages and should never appear on Magi-Nation articles.


Infoboxes are used to present basic information in quick and concise manner depending on the type of page. Information is added via a series of template-specific parameters. For a full list of Infoboxes used on the MNW, see Template:Infobox.