Magi-Nation Wiki

The following rules detail behavior on the Magi-Nation Wiki (MNW) as well as what action may be taken in various situations. Aside from blatantly illegal activities, action will not be taken apart from that which is outlined here. Warnings may be given either on user talk pages or in edit summaries.


Vandalism includes inserting gibberish (such as "dfdgfdfdssd"), information not related to Magi-Nation, blatantly false information, or unrelated URLs into pages. Doing so on multiple pages at once will escalate a first time offense to a 1-year block.

  • First offense: 1-week block
  • Repeat offense: 1-year to permanent block

Inappropriate Content

Absolutely no "mature content" is permitted on this wiki for any purpose on any page. This includes on fanon pages, user pages, and images. Inappropriate image uploads may result in a permanent IP block with no questions.

  • First offense: 1-year to permanent block
  • Second offense: permanent block of the IP


Plagiarism, or copying text verbatim, is not tolerated under any circumstances and is illegal if the source is not in the public domain. Please be aware that simply changing a few words from copied material still is considered to be plagiarism. Any pages containing copied text will have the copied text removed, regardless of source. As of April 13, 2004, card text is not permitted to be transcribed on articles.

  • First offense: 3-day block (minor) to 1-month block (major)
  • Repeat offense: 1-week block (minor) to 1-year block (major)


All articles must abide by the Manual of Style, and users should use proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Minor errors should be avoided when possible, so please do put your best foot forward. Failure to use the simple English mechanics taught in elementary school is unacceptable. If English is not your first language, please contact an admin for help.

  • Minor offense: warning, no action against the account
  • Repeat major offense: warning (minor) to 1-month block (major)


All images should abide by the Image Policy and include appropriate licensing and source information. Fan images may only be submitted by the author unless express permission is given by the author. All images uploaded to the wiki must be related to Magi-Nation, including personal images.

  • First offense: warning (copyright violation) to 1-month block (irrelevant images)
  • Second offense: 1-month block
  • Repeat offense: 1-year block

Harmful Behavior

Users are expected to show respect for other users. Personal attacks are not acceptable, even if another user started it. Illegal activities are not to be mentioned under any circumstance - this includes the use of ROMs and emulators.

  • First offense: 1 month block (minor) to 1-year block (major)
  • Illegal activities: permanent block