Magi-Nation Wiki

The Manual of Style outlines how to keep articles on the MNW consistently and properly written. There may be cases in which these guidelines need to be overridden, but it is typically best to check with an active admin before doing so. If there is anything to add, please bring it up on the talk page.

Article Layouts

Consistent and logical layouts are important to make sure that articles are easy to read. Additionally, a fluid layout helps to ensure that articles are balanced. We cover three very different media pertaining to Magi-Nation, so each article should cover all appearances in all media. The following sections should be used, in order:

  • Introduction (no section heading)
  • Magi-Nation Duel
    • Strategy (only differentiated as necessary)
    • History (only differentiated as necessary)
  • GBC or GBA
  • TV Series
    • Abilities
    • Dream Creatures (Magi pages only)
  • Related Species (Dream Creature pages only)
  • CCG Gallery
  • Gallery (only as necessary, may include CCG Gallery)
  • Trivia


Please make sure to use proper grammar, including spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Information should appear at least pseudo-professional and be written correctly. This does not have to be collegiate writing, so to speak, but it would be nice if it's better than the "See Spot run"-type sentences. Failure to use basic English mechanics is unacceptable.


All content must be canon to the official Magi-Nation media, and all content must be verifiable. Articles may not include speculation or fanon (fan-fiction) material. If at all possible, all content should include source information, and anything which cannot be verified will be removed.


Article content should be written in-universe from the standpoint of a historian, and users are asked to record events as they occur in the Magi-Nation universe. "Fanboy" or "fangirl" reactions as well as over-dramatizations are not appropriate for articles.

Likewise, media bias should not be present in articles. Liking or disliking Magi-Nation Duel, the Gameboy game, or the television series is irrelevant to the article.


Plagiarizing, or copying text from another source without attribution, is not only unacceptable but also illegal. Please also be aware that simply substituting synonyms does is not sufficient; all of the material must be written from scratch.