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Production Information
Release Date September 8, 2007 –
November 15, 2010
Distributor Cookie Jar Group
Country of Origin Canada
Media Information
Previous Medium Keeper's Quest
Following Medium Battle for the Moonlands (concurrent)

Magi-Nation was an animated adaptation by Cookie Jar following the end of Magi-Nation Duel. The series was premiered in September 2007. The series is originally aired on the Canadian CBC Television network and later on Kids WB in the United States. The first ten episodes currently are available on the official DHX Kids YouTube channel. Magi-Nation's animated series consists of two seasons with 56 episodes.


The evil Shadow Magi, Agram, was sealed in the Core through the power of the Core Glyph and the eleven Dreamstones. Three thousand years later, his power has grown and threatens to destroy the Moonlands. To combat Agram, a human boy, Tony Jones, was summoned to fulfill a prophecy of the Final Dreamer and to join Edyn and Strag on a mission to follow the Book of Elders and collect the Dreamstones.

Cast and characters

  • Martha MacIsaac as Edyn - Edyn is a Magi from Naroom who is adept at casting spells. Edyn's primary Dream Creature is Ugger (voiced by Joseph Motiki).
  • Daniel Petronijevic as Strag - Strag is a Shadow Stalker from the Underneath. His primary Dream Creature is Freep (voiced by Rick Miller).
  • Rick Miller as Orwin - Orwin is the elder of Vash Naroom and is a mentor to the protagonists.
  • Julie Lemieux as Evu - Evu is the wise female Magi who summoned Tony to the Moonlands.
  • Martin Moach as Agram - Agram is the leader of the Shadow Magi whose very presence threatens to destroy the Moonlands.
  • Alex Karziz and Rory O'Shea as Korg and Zed - Korg and Zed are Agram's primary yet incompetent lackeys.


Season 1

01 Final Dreamer.png "Final Dreamer" Season 1, Episode 1 September 22, 2007
Agram threatens to escape from his prison in the Core after being imprisoned for 3000 years. Tony Jones then is summoned from Earth in the hope that he is the prophesied Final Dreamer.
02 Episodeholder.png "Return to Vash Naroom" Season 1, Episode 2 September 29, 2007
Convinced that his friends are his enemies by Agram's spell, Tony flees from Edyn and Strag. When brought back to his senses, Tony must help protect Naroom using the Book of Elders for guidance.
03 Episodeholder.png "Kybar's Teeth" Season 1, Episode 3 October 6, 2007
The trio are sent to the mountainous region of Kybar's Teeth in order to claim the region's Dreamstone. During the trial, Tony risks his own safety in saving the life of a Shadow Magi, Chur.
04 Fire and Ice.png "Fire and Ice" Season 1, Episode 4 October 13, 2007
Korg and Zed are breaking up chunks of the glaciers of Nar to wreak havoc on the climates of the other Moonlands. The trio must brave the cold to protect the Moonlands and to thaw Orwin.
05 Blight.png "Blight" Season 1, Episode 5 October 20, 2007
Iyori brings word from Paradwyn that Ashio is poisoning the Moonland's soil and that her father, Bazha, has been captured. With the help of Saranther, the trio undo Ashio's actions.
06 Episodeholder.png "Enemy in the Sands" Season 1, Episode 6 October 27, 2007
After being stranded in the harsh desert of d'Resh. The region's Guardian Hyren in the form of a Sandstone Gila tests whether Tony would sacrifice for his friends or act in self-preservation.
07 Episodeholder.png "First Geyser" Season 1, Episode 7 November 3, 2007
After a Shadow Geyser erupts in Naroom, Edyn is taken prisoner to the Core. A disguised Agram then attempts to gain knowledge from her, but she had prepared herself with a spell of her own.
08 Episodeholder.png "Arena Night" Season 1, Episode 8 November 10, 2007
Strag returns to the Underneath and must battle his sister, Inara, for the region's Dreamstone. Exposed for cheating, she reveals herself to be a Shadow Magi and that the battle was a ruse.
09 Episodeholder.png "The Shadow You Know" Season 1, Episode 9 November 17, 2007
Upon finding the Guardian Hyren in Chiroptera's Lair, Strag and Inara battle for the Dreamstone for real. In a last ditch effort, Strag uses his Allegiance Relic to try to save his sister.
10 Episodeholder.png "Cloud Cover" Season 1, Episode 10 November 24, 2007
Arderial is in trouble due to Magistrate Nimbulo's helping Korg and Zed. Though the plot is foiled with help from Shimmer and the Guardian Hyren, Arderial's Dreamstone is placed out of reach.
11 Episodeholder.png "The Depths of Courage" Season 1, Episode 11 December 1, 2007
Sent to Orothe after a spell is cast on the Book of Elders, Tony learns that his grandfather, Spencer Jones, also was a Magi. Tony must live up to this legacy when faced with the monstrous Cawh.
12 Episodeholder.png "Fiery Betrayal" Season 1, Episode 12 December 8, 2007
Tony begins to have visions of a coming threat. Meanwhile, another Shadow Geyser appears in the volcanic region of Cald. Though Tony acquires the Dreamstone, Orwin is corrupted into a Shadow Magi joins Agram's forces through the geyser.
13 The Eyes of Agram.png "The Eyes of Agram" Season 1, Episode 13 December 15, 2007
The trio venture into the Core in an attempt to rescue their friend, Orwin.
14 Episodeholder.png "The Precious Haz-Mai" Season 1, Episode 14 January 5, 2008
The Weave's Dreamstone is protected as the sacred the Haz-Mai, and Tony is placed in prison for touching it. When a Shadow Geyser appears, everyone work together to defend the region.
15 The Forum of the Elders.png "The Forum of the Elders" Season 1, Episode 15 January 12, 2008
When the Book of Elders is transported to Kybar's Teeth, the trio must prove themselves worthy of the book to its guardians, Snout and Peepers.
16 Episodeholder.png "Magi Undercover" Season 1, Episode 16 January 26, 2008
Using a spell, the trio go undercover in Shadow Magi camp in the swamps of Bograth. The trio recover the Dreamstone, but Strag nearly loses himself in his disguise.
17 Episodeholder.png "Frozen Fortress" Season 1, Episode 17 February 2, 2008
The Guardian Hyren of Nar has been imprisoned by Sikan, and the region's Dreamstone lies within one of her relics. The Final Dreamers must face her relics while trying to find the Dreamstone.
18 Episodeholder.png "The Secret Chamber" Season 1, Episode 18 February 9, 2008
The Elders of the Moonlands meet to evaluate if the trio really are the Final Dreamers. Evu delays the vote until Orwin is returned to normal, and the council accepts the trio as the Final Dreamers.
19 Episodeholder.png "Beware the Realm Raiders" Season 1, Episode 19 February 16, 2008
Both the Dreamstone of Orothe and the Book of Elders are stolen by the Realm Raiders. When the trio wind up as hostages, they are rescued by a friend from Orothe.
20 Episodeholder.png "Earth to Tony" Season 1, Episode 20 February 23, 2008
A Vortex Relic allows Tony to return to Earth to speak with his grandfather about the Moonlands, but Tony's time is limited. If he delays too long, he will be unable to return to the Moonlands.
21 Episodeholder.png "The Preserver" Season 1, Episode 21 March 8, 2008
Gazean has been capturing specimens from the Moonlands to transport away from Agram's reach. When the Final Dreamers are captured, they must convince the misguided Weavian to stop.
22 Brave New Realm.png "Brave New Realm" Season 1, Episode 22 March 15, 2008
A Shadow Geyser causes Arderial's Dreamstone to form the island of Korgzedia, ruled by Korg and Zed. Other Shadow Magi help the Final Dreamers, but one plots to betray them all.
23 Episodeholder.png "Voyage to the Dream Plane" Season 1, Episode 23 March 22, 2008
Agram has found a way to leech void energy into the Dream Plane. The Final Dreamers must do the impossible and enter the Dream Plane themselves before the entire Dream Plane is corrupted.
24 Episodeholder.png "The Ultimate Dream Creature" Season 1, Episode 24 March 29, 2008
The Final Dreamers must convince the powerful Mythicore of their intentions. After doing so, they find that its Animite is the Dreamstone of Paradwyn and that a twelfth Dreamstone exists.
25 Episodeholder.png "Fate of the Moonlands" Season 1, Episode 25 April 5, 2008
Being tricked into entering the Core for the twelfth and final Dreamstone, the Final Dreamers enter the Core as Agram is freed to carry out his plans.
26 Episodeholder.png "Day of Destiny" Season 1, Episode 26 April 12, 2008
Tony must retrieve the Core Dreamstone from Earth as the rest of the Moonlands' Magi hold off Agram. When Tony returns, the Final Dreamers combine their powers to defeat and imprison Agram.

Season 2

27 Episodeholder.png "The Final Hyren" Season 2, Episode 1 October 27, 2010
When Tony has a dream about a battle of the Guardian Hyrens, the quest to unite them as the Final Hyren begins. Meanwhile, Agram's energy leaks from the Core Glyph into Gorath's Animite.
28 Episodeholder.png "Flames of Glory" Season 2, Episode 2 October 28, 2010
With a new weapon threatening the Moonlands, the Final Dreamers must realize that their reputation alone has no effect on the battle.
29 Episodeholder.png "To See Through Sand" Season 2, Episode 3 October 29, 2010
The Final Dreamers go after the Guardian Hyren of d'Resh but must face her powerful illusions.
30 Episodeholder.png "Eye of the Storm" Season 2, Episode 4 October 31, 2010
When the Final Dreamers find themselves mysteriously stranded on an island, they must find a way off of this island.
31 Episodeholder.png "Inside the Dark Heart" Season 2, Episode 5 November 1, 2010
When Edyn returns to Nar, she meets with her previous spell teachers.
32 Episodeholder.png "Hunt for the Hunter" Season 2, Episode 6 November 2, 2010
When the Shadow Magi turn on a bounty hunter, the Final Dreamers must lend their assistance.
33 Episodeholder.png "Peak Performance" Season 2, Episode 7 November 3, 2010
When the Final Dreamers arrive in Kybar's Teeth, the Elders reveal that they have new lessons for the heroes.
34 Episodeholder.png "The Abysmal Truth" Season 2, Episode 8 November 4, 2010
As the Shadow Magi recruit a new Magi, Tony begins to question some of his grandfather's quirks.
35 Episodeholder.png "Night Crawlers" Season 2, Episode 9 November 5, 2010
Upon journeying to Bograth for their quest, the Final Dreamers learn of a terrible secret within the swampy Moonland.
36 Episodeholder.png "Gorath's Shadow" Season 2, Episode 10 November 7, 2010
When the Final Dreamers discover that Shadow Creatures can be purified while in the Moonlands, they decide to attempt to cast the spell on Gorath.
37 Episodeholder.png "Welcome Home Strag, Part 1" Season 2, Episode 11 November 8, 2010
Strag returns to the Underneath by himself when he hears that his home is being ruled by a Shadow Magi.
38 Episodeholder.png "Welcome Home Strag, Part 2" Season 2, Episode 12 November 9, 2010
Tony battles in Chur's gladiatorial arena in order to buy time for Edyn and Strag to find the region's Guardian Hyren.
39 Episodeholder.png "Bad to the Core" Season 2, Episode 13 November 10, 2010
Unable to purify Gorgram, the Final Dreamers follow him to the Core in an attempt to recover the Moonlands Diamond and Orwin's staff.
40 Episodeholder.png "Tangle in the Jungle" Season 2, Episode 14 November 11, 2010
Though the Hyrens have successfully been summoned, the Final Dreamers must battle for control of them within Paradwyn.
41 Episodeholder.png "Showdown in Vash Naroom" Season 2, Episode 15 2010 (Netflix)
With Vash Naroom's library about to be attacked, the Final Dreamers must reunite.
42 Episodeholder.png "Medieval Magi" Season 2, Episode 16 2010 (Netflix)
While traveling through Naroom, the Final Dreamers encounter a town based on medieval England.
43 Episodeholder.png "Tomb of the Relic Forger" Season 2, Episode 17 2010 (Netflix)
While searching for the most powerful relic, the Relic Forger, the Final Dreamers find that Gorgram is also after the relic.
44 Episodeholder.png "Hyren of a Thousand Faces" Season 2, Episode 18 2010 (Netflix)
A special Guardian Hyren is found to reside in the Dream Plane. Both forces are desperate to gain this Hyren due to its ability to invade dreams.
45 Episodeholder.png "Curse of the Realm Raiders" Season 2, Episode 19 2010 (Netflix)
When the Realm Raiders steal the Moonlands Diamond, a mysterious curse is revealed.
46 Episodeholder.png "Grudge Match" Season 2, Episode 20 2010 (Netflix)
The Final Dreamers encounter two Guardian Hyrens at once. However, the two Hyrens have an ancient quarrel which threatens to tear the team apart.
47 Episodeholder.png "Fear the Gear" Season 2, Episode 21 2010 (Netflix)
When an ancient weapon is turned against the Moonlands, the Final Dreamers must accept a temporary truce with Gorgram to protect the Moonlands.
48 Episodeholder.png "Lights, Camera, Magi" Season 2, Episode 22 2010 (Netflix)
The Moonlands Diamond is on Earth, and the Final Dreamers must retrieve it. However, they find that one of Tony's friends has taken it.
49 Episodeholder.png "Realms Honor" Season 2, Episode 23 2010 (Netflix)
Though the Guardian Hyrens and the necessary relics are in the hands of the Final Dreamers, they still need to figure out how to summon the Final Hyren.
50 Episodeholder.png "Sons of the Underneath" Season 2, Episode 24 2010 (Netflix)
The Final Dreamers return to the Underneath to free the Moonland from Chur, but hazards lie in every corner.
51 Episodeholder.png "Allegiance Lost" Season 2, Episode 25 2010 (Netflix)
An unlikely ally may be the only way to save Spencer Jones from the Shadow Magi, but the Final Dreamers have reason not to trust this help.
52 Episodeholder.png "Dreamer's Last Stand" Season 2, Episode 26 2010 (Netflix)
Everything is in place for the Final Hyren to be summoned to decide who will rule the Moonlands. With everything on the line, the heroes again must face Gorgram.

Battle for the Moonlands

Cookie Jar also released an MMORPG, called Battle for the Moonlands featuring characters from the TV series. However, the online game has since shut down.