Kybar's Teeth


Moonland Information
Environment Mountains
Creatures Kybarite Creatures
Magi Kybarite Magi
Relics Kybarite Relics
Spells Kybarite Spells
Location on Map
Kybar's Teeth Bograth

Kybar's Teeth is a Moonland which is dominated by mountainous terrain full of jagged cliffs and rocks. Located in the southeastern end of the continent, Kybar's Teeth houses the entrance to the Underneath. The Kybarite Magi are hunters and dress in furs and leather while the Kybarite Creatures resemble mountain-dwelling animals and stones.

Magi-Nation Duel

Kybar's Teeth decks often make use of the native Invulnerability effect to reduce damage taken while attacking and defending. Another strategy uses Perpetual Motion to gain an energy advantage when comparing the highest and lowest energy Creatures at the beginning of the turn. Later cards focused on shoring up weaknesses such as card draw effects that triggered after attacking and defeating opposing Creatures. 

TV Series

A native Shadow Magi, Chur, went to Kybar's Teeth in search of its Dreamstone. Kybar's Teeth

Notable Magi

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