Heppeswip MND

S1E14 Heppeswip

Dream Creature Information
Moonland Weave
Expansion Set Dream's End
Rarity Rare
Series Information
Moonland Weave
Partner(s) Tony Jones
First Appearance "The Precious Haz-Mai"
Voice Actor Helen King

Heppeswip is a Dream Creature native to the Weave. It is a quadruped creature covered in grass and moss.

Magi-Nation Duel

Heppeswip was released as a part of the Dream's End set of Magi-Nation Duel. It is a somewhat decent countermeasure for Weaver decks against Cald Magi cards that avoid attacking directly by using Powers.

TV Series

A Heppeswip named Swip fell in love with Tony Jones' Furok. She helped the two escape by burrowing an escape route. She then gave her Animite to Tony and became his Dream Creature. The Precious Haz-Mai

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