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For the episode, see Final Dreamer.

Final Dreamers
Magi Group Information
Series Information
Moonland Earth (Universal)
Partner(s) Rokreeper
First Appearance "Final Dreamer" (mentioned)
"Day of Destiny" (realized)

The Final Dreamers are Magi of legend said to be able to seal away Agram once and for all by using the Core Glyph, which would be formed by inserting every Dreamstone into the Book of Elders. As such, the Final Dreamers represent the whole of the Moonlands.

TV Series

The Final Dreamer was once thought to be a single, super-powerful Magi who would battle against Agram. Final Dreamer From the clues given by the Book of Elders, each of Edyn, Tony, and Strag began to think himself or herself exclusively to be the Final Dreamer. source needed After unknowingly manifesting their Final Dreamer abilities upon touching their primary Animite together, they realized that all three were the Final Dreamers and magined Rokreeper by fusing their primary Dream Creatures. Day of Destiny

Dream Creatures