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Final Dreamer
Season 1, Episode 1
Final Dreamer.png
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"Return to Vash Naroom"
Production Information
Air date September 22, 2007
Written by Kevin Lund
Michael Sloan
Directed by Paul Hunt
You-Won Paeng
Series Information
Setting Cald

Final Dreamer is the first episode of the first season of Magi-Nation. It aired on September 22, 2007.


Agram, a Shadow Magi who was sealed in the Core 3000 years ago, threatens to escape his imprisonment in the Core and to take over the Moonlands. A boy from Earth, Tony Jones, is summoned to the Moonlands as a hero to fight against Agram and his forces.


3000 years ago, Eidon battled against the evil Agram and his henchmen, Korg and Zed. As Agram and his Dream Creature, Corathan, were about to defeat Eidon, Elle arrived with the Book of Elders. Together, the two of them summoned the Core Glyph from the Book of Elders, trapping Agram inside the Core.

3000 years after that battle and in the village of Vash Naroom, Orwin is writing down the history of the Moonlands when he senses the presence of an intruder. The intruder, Edyn, is curious about the Book of Elders and states that she has no intention to steal it. However, Orwin says that only the Final Dreamer is allowed to read it. As Orwin begins to leave, an apparition of Agram appears and attacks Edyn. Orwin returns and deals with the apparition but is troubled by Agram's renewed presence in the Moonlands.

Edyn then takes the Book of Elders and flees to the Weave, with Orwin in pursuit. Orwin comes across Strag, a Magi from the Underneath with the ability of Moon Sense. Strag agrees to help look for Edyn. However, Agram has dispatched his Shadow Magi, Korg and Zed, to capture the Magi.

Meanwhile on Earth, Tony Jones speaks with his father and receives a ring for luck in a cross-country meet. As Tony is running, Orwin and Evu perform a ritual within the Moonlands to summon the Final Dreamer by touching an identical ring to a piece of ancient lava from Agram's battle.

Tony arrives in the Weave, where he meets both Edyn and Strag. However, the three are then attacked by Korg and Zed. Edyn and Strag magine Ugger and Freep, respectively while Korg magines Tragan. The Shadow Magi gain the advantage, but Tony manages to magine Furok from his grandfather's ring to help. The three defeat the Shadow Magi and quickly become friends.