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Moonland Planet El

The Eliwan (also known as the Ancients) are a race of sentient humanoid Magi who originally inhabited Planet El. After being forced to flee from the planet by the Invaders, the Eliwan colonized the planet's moon, resulting in the Moonlands. Eliwan vary much more in appearance and physiology than do humans, having used magic to adapt themselves to the environments of their respective Moonlands.

Magi-Nation Duel

The ancient Eliwan, or Ancients, were a race of planet-travelers who came to settle on Planet El. In these ancient times, they were betrayed by Agram, one of their own, and their planet was conquered by the Invaders. Forced to flee their home, the Eliwan traveled to their planet's moon. To protect themselves from the Invaders, the Eliwan raised a magical barrier around their moon and a Dream Barrier in the Dream Plane. Invader Using the powerful magical abilities granted by the mysterious mineral known as Animite, they transformed their moon into a last refuge for their people consisting of eleven surface Moonlands. source needed However, over the millennia after their exodus, the Eliwan have forgotten most of their history and true natures. Invader

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