Dream Plane

Animite Naroom

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Dream Plane

The Dream Plane is the place from which all Dream Creatures originate and is the antithesis of the Core. Unlike all other locations, the Dream Plane cannot be accessed by Magi and is not one of the twelve Moonlands. As such, Animite or Rings representing the specific Dream Creatures are necessary to magine Dream Creatures into the Moonlands.

Magi-Nation Duel

The Dream Plane was the source of both Dream Creatures and dreams and could be used to bring dreams into reality. Padram, the brother of Agram, was able to travel into the Dream Plane through his Dream Gaze ability in order to cut off the flow of void energy to Agram's creation, Rayje. Fists of Rayje Though the Dream Plane originally connected the planet El to at least seven other planets and permitted free travel, the Eliwan formed a bubble within the Plane to prevent the Invaders from ravaging the Moonlands as they had ravaged El. Invader

TV Series

When sent to the Dream Plane, any Dream Creature infected with void energy is returned to its natural, uncorrupted state. The forces of Agram, however, managed to send a single, tiny Salamark to the Dream Plane while infused with void energy. This void energy then was able to corrupt Dream Creatures from within the Dream Plane, resulting in Shadow Creatures which then would be magined as Shadow Creatures.

In order to combat Agram's plan, Tony Jones, Edyn, and Strag were called upon. To bypass the fact that only Dream Creatures could enter the Dream Plane, Evu cast a Merge spell on them to fuse them with a Stagadan. Their abilities as the Final Dreamers were able to reverse the corrupting effects of the void energy on the Dream Plane.Voyage to the Dream Plane