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Moonland Dream Plane

Dream Creatures are organisms originally from the Dream Plane which inhabit the twelve Moonlands. Though naturally wild, many Dream Creatures are used by Magi for battling. Some, such as Weebo, are considered to be pests while others, such as Eebit, are kept as pets. Many Dream Creatures are quite intelligent.


Dream Creatures are summoned or magined by Magi through their Animite, a crystalline substance which tie Dream Creatures to the Moonlands.

When a Dream Creature is defeated in battle, it will drop its Animite. Dream Creatures may also bestow their Animite to a Magi who has earned the Creature's trust. source needed Often times, a Dream Creature's Animite is forged into a ring.


Many Dream Creature species exist which occur through various Moonlands or habitats within a Moonland. Though related to the original Dream Creature, these other varieties are adapted to a new environment. For instance, Furok is native to Naroom, but the related Furok Protector is native to Nar.

Shadow Creatures

Dream Creatures may be corrupted by void energy from the Core. As opposed to Dream Creatures native to the Core, these Shadow Creatures are often nightmarish shadows of the original Creature.


Hyrens are powerful Dream Creatures which typically resemble dragons or other powerful creatures of legend. They protect their respective Moonlands and the inhabitants thereof from disaster. The Guardian Hyrens are particular Hyrens which guard a region's Dreamstone.