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Moonland Information
Environment Desert
Creatures d'Reshi Creatures
Magi d'Reshi Magi
Relics d'Reshi Relics
Spells d'Reshi Spells
Location on Map
D'Resh Kybar's Teeth

D'Resh is a sandy desert Moonland located between the Weave and Cald. The d'Reshi Magi dress similarly to ancient Middle Eastern societies and incorporate aspects of the desert into their clothing. The Dream Creatures closely resemble desert cacti and animals.


Certain d'Reshi Dream Creatures, known as Illusions, can be summoned for half their starting energy; however, Illusions cannot attack Magi directly and do not prevent their Magi from being defeated when at 0 energy. D'Resh also features the seven Oracles which, if all in play by the same player, result in an instant win. There are also Recurring Creatures which can be recycled from the discard pile when a new Magi is put into play.


In the Arderian throne room, Agram told Tony Jones that by the time the Arderial Shadow Geyser would close that more would appear in other regions. Two more Shadow Geysers were planned to appear in d'Resh. Magi-Nation (GBC)

TV Series

Tony Jones, Edyn, and Strag are tricked by Korg and Zet into becoming stranded in the desert of d'Resh. Here, Tony acquired his Obsis and faced the Guardian Hyren disguised as a Sandstone Gilla to gain the region's Dreamstone. Enemy in the Sands The Elder of the region, Drajan, was well acquainted with Evu. source needed