Core Glyph

Core Glyph GBC

Core Glyph GBA

S1E01 Core Glyph

CCG Information
Moonland Universal
User(s) Tony Jones
Gameboy Information
Moonland Universal
User(s) Tony Jones
Series Information
Moonland Universal
User(s) Eidon
Tony Jones
First Appearance "Final Dreamer"

The Core Glyph is an ancient Relic which allows travel into the Core as well as other specific locations. Most notably, the Core Glyph was used to imprison Agram within the Core.

Magi-Nation Duel

The Core Glyph was used by Une, the councillor of the Eliwan Order, to seal Agram and his followers in the Core of the Moonlands for allying with the Invaders. source needed

Later on, the Core Glyph was used by Tony Jones to enter the Core to defeat Agram. source needed

The Core Glyph also was used by Tuku, a Universal Magi, to seal Shadow Magi in the Core. Amara's Story


The Core Glyph was used my the Great Magus, Kyros, in ancient times. The Glyph later was discovered by Gia while on an expedition into the Core entrance. When Eidon attempted to touch the Relic, he experienced intense pain. Due to this danger, Gia sealed the Core Glyph in a lead box.

380 years later, Tony Jones obtained the Core Glyph and, without realizing the potential danger, picked up the Relic. As he was able to do so without experiencing pain, the Elders concluded that Tony was the prophesied reincarnation of Kyros.

Using the Core Relic, Tony was able to dispel the lethal fields surrounding the Shadow Geysers, allowing him to enter safely in order to collect the five Core Stones from the Moonlands in which a Shadow Geyser appeared. As Tony acquired the Core Stones, the Core Glyph gained the ability to use stone circles as teleports based on the number of Core Stones inserted into the Glyph. After all five Core Stones were inserted into the Core Glyph, Tony was able to use the Glyph to enter the Core to face Agram. Magi-Nation (GBC)

TV Series

The Core Glyph is a unique Relic formed from the Book of Elders when all of the Dreamstones are inserted into the book. source needed In ancient times, the Core Glyph was used by Eidon and Ellie to seal Agram away in the Core. Final Dreamer

After all of the Dreamstones were collected by the Final Dreamers, the Core Glyph again was formed and again was used to seal Agram in the Core. Day of Destiny


  • In the GBC game, Morag oddly doesn't take the Core Glyph or its Core Stones from Tony when he is taken to the Shadowhold.