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Moonland Information
Environment Shadow
Creatures Core Creatures
Magi Core Magi
Relics Core Relics
Spells Core Spells
Location on Map
Surface Moonlands

The Core is a Moonland which was influenced by evil, shadowy magic. The Magi and Dream Creatures from this region tend to be nightmarish and tainted by darkness. While numerous species are native to the Core, many are corrupted versions of Creatures from the surface Moonlands.

Magi-Nation Duel

A piece of Black Animite was originally used to trap Agram and his allies within the Core. Due to the void energies radiated by this Black Animite, the Core and its inhabitants were corrupted into grotesque and nightmarish shadows of their former selves. Through isolation from the rest of the Moonlands for thousands of years, the magic of the Core has progressed differently from that of the other Moonlands.


Core Magi cards are normally only able to play Core and Universal cards unless the Magi is dual-region by nature, such as the Bograth-Core combinations. Despite this limitation, the Core features some of the most potent cards in the game including The Dark Twins, a Double Magi card representing Warrada and Hrada, and some of the most powerful abilities including Possession. Core Magi can also use the Shadow Geyser cards for an incremental energy advantage as well as a win if used alongside the Awakening Spell.


The inhabitants of the Core were the primary antagonists to Tony Jones who were using the energies from the Shadow Geysers, powered by Core Stones, to enter the other Moonlands. Tony also traveled to a single area within the Core in his quest to stop Agram.

TV Series

The Core was the prison of Agram for three millennia. Final Dreamer

Notable Inhabitants


  • The inhabitants of the Core were imprisoned there by the Eliwan councillor, Une, after their unsuccessful attempt to ally with the Invaders. source needed
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