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Coral Hyren
Dream Creature Information
Japanese Name コーラル。ハイレン
Species Hyren
Animite Animite Orothe.png
CCG Information
Moonland Orothe
Expansion Set First Edition
Rarity Rare
Gameboy Information
Moonland Orothe

Coral Hyren is a Hyren from Orothe with a body comprising pink, purple, and orange corals.

Magi-Nation Duel

Coral Hyren was released as a part of the First Edition and Unlimited sets of Magi-Nation Duel. This card receives an energy boost whenever its Magi casts an Orothean Spell.


  • Location: Deep water behind the Seer's house (requires the Orothean Belt)
  • Cost: 500 Animite, 3 Coral Hyren Animite, 1 Paralit Animite
  • Initial Level: 50
  • Luck: 10
Stat Initial Stat Levelup Gain Level 60 Stats
HP 132 2 152
STR 70 1 80
DEF 78 1.35 92
SPD 61 1 71
SKL 62 0.9 71
RES 76 1.2 88
* Averaged from a sample of 10. Individual results may vary.
Level Cost Target Effect Multiplier Regional Boost
Bite かみつき 50 5 energy Single target N/A 1.25 N/A
Maul くいちぎり 50 10 energy Single target N/A 2.5 N/A
Tempest うずまき 50 12 energy All enemy Creatures N/A 1.25 Orothe
Sponge きゅうしゅう 51 8 energy Self Def +10 N/A N/A

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