Cloud Frond


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Moonland Shadowhold
User(s) Tony Jones
Series Information

The Cloud Frond is an item that can fully heal the target Magi or Dream Creature.


The Cloud Frond was mentioned by the Seer who examined Orwin's condition after being poisoned by the Shadow Geyser in Naroom. The item was located in the eastern portion of the Shadowhold and was found with the help of a cloaked Arderian. After using the Shadow Keys and screwdriver to free the prisoners, Tony Jones found a hidden room guarded by Shadow Magi.

After acquiring the Cloud Frond, Tony could bring it to the Seer to heal Orwin and allow him to survive, thus completing the Save Orwin side-quest. However, healing Orwin prior to acquiring Ormagon through another side-quest would make acquiring the necessary Hollow Stool be impossible.