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Book of Elders

Book of Elders

CCG Information
Gameboy Information
Series Information
Moonland Universal
User(s) Edyn
Tony Jones
First Appearance "Final Dreamer"

The Book of Elders is a book that was made by the elders of the Moonlands in order to trap Agram within the Core. The book gave clues to guide Tony, Edyn, and Strag to find the Dreamstones. Once all of the Dreamstones are inserted into the book's cover, the Core Glyph is formed and can imprison Shadow Magi in the Core.

TV Series[]

"Destiny awaits where the sky is not blue by day, nor black at night. When you reach the fork in the road, your fate awaits where the sky is green." Final Dreamer

"To sound the alarm from those who would do you harm, dig beneath the four that is less than the sum of the two and the two that comes before." Return to Vash Naroom

"The diamond in the crown of the north is the beginning and nearly the end. Your only guide will be to go back in time. Follow the hour back almost to the end. Only the most worthy will succeed." Kybar's Teeth

"Within Arderials cloudy skies is where a powerful Dreamstone lies." First Geyser

"Where once a friend is now an enemy and where 1 equals 3 lies the answer you seek." Arena Night

The Book of Elders displayed a map of the cloud isles with symbols of a puzzle that when solved showed where the Arderial Dreamstone is. Cloud Cover

"The stone of fire blazes at the green heart of the volcano at the center. Fools rush in. Pick your path carefully to enter.Your strongest weapon is but a simple bond, use that and that alone to pluck the stone from the pond." Fiery Betrayal

"The puzzle's answer requires three but to unlock the stone one guardian must you see." The Precious Haz-Mai

"To get to the Dreamstone from Bograth's mist, Agram's forces you must assist." Magi Undercover

"Return the ice guards to their posts, while their touch you must avoid. One answer to all your problems will get you destroyed." Frozen Fortress