Bograth Paradwyn GBC


Moonland Information
Environment Swamp
Creatures Bograthian Creatures
Magi Bograthian Magi
Relics Bograthian Relics
Spells Bograthian Spells
Location on Map
Kybar's Teeth Bograth

Bograth is a region made up of thick swampland and is covered by slime and mosses. The Magi and Dream Creatures from this region, likewise, tend to be more akin to swamp creatures and enjoy being filthy.

Magi-Nation Duel

Bograthians were, for the most part, apathetic to the concept of leadership and as a result were easily persuaded to accept Korg as their new king by Zet, who wanted to get rid of his partner. Neither did the Bograthians hesitate once they learned that the two were from the Core.

Korg then decided to wage war on the jungle region of Paradwyn, which borders Bograth to the northwest. Upon reaching the brink of a surprisingly successful campaign, however, Korg was defeated by a mysterious Universal Magi, Rayje, who then ordered the Bograth Magi to cease fighting and return home. Bograthi elder Olabra later took control of Bograth in Korg's place. source needed


Bograth decks revolve around playing as many Creatures as possible within a short period of time. Many cards from the region feature Powers and Effects that become more powerful based on the amount of Bograth, and sometimes Core, Creatures on the field. There are also multiple cards in the region that either make it easier to play Creatures or else take advantage of the number of Creatures on the field.

One disadvantage to playing Bograth is that many of its Creatures have low starting energies in order to make them easier to play en masse, so it requires some planning to make use of the region effectively.

TV Series

The swamps of Bograth is where the Guardian Hyren, who protects the Bograthian Dreamstonee, resides.


  • Bograth was released alongside Paradwyn in the Nightmare's Dawn edition of Magi-Nation Duel.
  • In MND, Bograthi Magi's eyes glow similarly to Magi from the Core, and many Bograthi Magi and Dream Creatures belong to both Bograth and the Core.
  • The earlier cards featuring Bograth often display redundant, exaggerated titles which were allotted by the newly risen emperor of the region, Korg, as a result of their relative apathy for the state of their society.