Blade Hyren

Blade Hyren MND

Bladella TV

Dream Creature Information
Species Hyren
CCG Information
Moonland Weave
Expansion Set Nightmare's Dawn
Series Information
Moonland Weave
First Appearance "The Preserver"

Blade Hyren (also known as Bladella) is a Dream Creature native to the Weave and is one of the numerous draconic Hyrens. The wingless body of Blade Hyren is covered in broad blades of orange and green grass.

Magi-Nation Duel

Blade Hyren was included in the Nightmare's Dawn expansion of Magi-Nation Duel. This card serves as a useful way of countering direct Creature discard while playing large Creatures.

TV Series

A Bladella was among the Dream Creatures captured by Gazean in his effort to preserve species from the Moonlands. The Preserver


  • Blade Hyren was renamed as Bladella for the TV series.

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