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Battle for the Moonlands
Battle for the moonlands login screen.png
Production Information
Release Date December 20, 2007
Distributor Cookie Jar Group
Country of Origin Canada
Media Information
Previous Medium Magi-Nation (TV series) (concurrent)

Battle for the Moonlands is an online Magi-Nation themed MMORPG produced after the title's acquisition by Cookie Jar. Closed beta-testing for the game began on December 20, 2007, transitioning to open beta on February 12, 2008. The game was officially released on March 31, 2008. However, it is currently closed.


The game consists of building a character native to one of four Moonlands: Arderial, Naroom, Orothe, or the Underneath. After completing a tutorial with Orwin, the player must through the terrain of each of those four regions in search of their hidden Shadow Relics. Along the way, the player acquires Animite shards from wild Dream Creatures which can be used in battle.

When the player has a certain number of Shadow Relics, Sperri and Motash inform the player that Orwin has been kidnapped by the Shadow Magi to gain knowledge of the Portals. Motash locates Orwin in the Shadowlands of the Core.

The player confronts Zed, who threatens to defeat the player with his Arboll Stalker and powerful Core Spells. After this battle, the player notes that Zed was not as strong as he had claimed, and a second battle ensues.


When the player creates an account, he or she is asked to choose a school (or Moonland) to follow, Arderial, Naroom, Orothe or Underneath. Each school has a different stat arrangement and a strategic advantage over another region:

  • Naroom is strong against Orothe but weak against Arderial
  • Orothe is strong against Underneath but weak against Naroom
  • Underneath is strong against Arderial but weak against Orothe
  • Arderial is strong against Naroom but weak against Underneath


The game features three modes of play that must be completed in order to obtain Shadow Relics. Each Moonland contains five Shadow Relics per quest type for a total of fifteen per region. There are a total of sixty Shadow Relics to be obtained throughout the game. One Shadow Relic is earned each time the player finishes one of the following quest types:

  • Moonlands Explorer - The player searches through a Moonland for a treasure chest. The chest is located in a different level each time, and each time through, the chest becomes deeper in the Moonland, and the Dream Creatures become more powerful.
  • Time Attack - The player must defeat a certain number of Dream Creatures within 600 seconds (10 minutes).
  • Shadow Hunter - The player searches for a stationary Magi in the same manner as during Moonlands Explorer.


The player can enter a battle by walking into a spark of dream mist, or by talking to a hostile Magi. During battle, all active Magi and Dream Creatures possess a health bar and a purple action bar. The action bar will recharge based on the unit's speed stat. Once full, the allied unit may perform an action. Battling consists of four types of actions, each represented by one of four symbols:

  • Crystal - The Magi uses energy to summon a Dream Creature to the field (limit 3).
  • Star - The Magi selects a spell to use, which the player learns by leveling up.
  • Heart - The Magi recovers 10% of his or her total energy.
  • Pouch - The Magi selects an Artifact to use. Artifacts do not consume energy but are single-use.

Upon winning a battle, the player is rewarded with in-game currency, experience and possibly an item or an animite shard. It is also possible to flee a battle, which forfeits the reward.


Both Magi and Dream Creatures use the same sequence of stats:

  • Strength - determines whether an attack will deal damage
  • Stamina - determines total Energy
  • Wisdom - determines whether the character will sustain damage
  • Luck - determines the quality of items received after winning a battle
  • Speed - determines how long it takes to recharge the action bar


Experience from battling is placed into a pool where it remains available until the player uses it to level up either the Magi or a Dream Creature. Magi can advance up to level 30, while Dream Creatures possess a level cap of 10.

Player milestones:

  • level 3: new spell
  • level 5: new spell, PVP unlocked
  • level 8: new spell
  • level 11: new spell
  • level 14: new spell
  • level 17: new spell
  • level 20: new spell

Dream creature milestones:

  • level 4: new power
  • level 7: new power

Dream Creatures

Players start the game with one Dream Creature based on the character's native Moonland. In order to obtain more Dream Creatures, the player must obtain Animite by defeating a wild Creature in battle. When enough shards have been gathered for a particular Creature, Pruittcan forge the shards into usable Animite.

Naroom Dream Creatures
Orothe Dream Creatures
  • Bwill: 9 Animite shards (or Orothe starter)
  • Karak: 9 Animite shards
  • Husp: 15 Animite shards
  • Platheus: 15 Animite shards
  • Alios: 20 Animite shards
Underneath Dream Creatures
  • Korrit: 9 Animite shards (or Underneath starter)
  • Athik: 9 Animite shards
  • Gradakan: 15 Animite shards
  • Vulborg: 15 Animite shards
  • Parmalag: 20 Animite shards
Arderial Dream Creatures
  • Xyx: 9 Animite shards (or Arderial starter)
  • Alaban: 9 Animite shards
  • Shock Vashp: 15 Animite shards
  • Orish: 15 Animite shards
  • Epik: 20 Animite shards


Naroom Spells
  • Life Snag (5 EP): deals up to 5 damage to heal the casting Magi
  • Life Strike (12 EP): deals up to 12 damage to heal the casting Magi
  • Life Strike (16 EP): deals up to 16 damage to heal the casting Magi
  • Lost and Cold (8 EP)
  • Lost and Hungry (14 EP)
  • Enchanted Barrier (10 EP)
  • Healer's Will (10 EP)
Orothe Spells
Underneath Spells
Arderial Spells
  • Wind Gale
Core Spells
  • Dark Bite (2 EP): deals up to 12 damage to heal the casting Magi
  • Shadow Strike (5 EP): deals 6 to 11 damage
  • Anarchy (4 EP): makes the opponent be berserk and damage itself
  • Shadow Tap (3 EP): deals between 1 and 4 damage
  • The Creeps: makes the opponent be paralyzed
  • Paranoia (4 EP): paralyzes the opponent
Other Spells
  • Steal (3 EP): may deal the enemy 6 damage and heal by 6 energy
  • Control: makes the targeted Dream Creature go berserk
  • Paralyze (5 EP): paralyzes the opponent
  • Weakness (3 EP): lowers the opponent's strength
  • Immunity (2 EP): changes status to "IMMUNE"
  • Groundbreaker (12 EP): deals approximately 9 damage


There are several shops in the game which will buy and sell items for moon shards. These items may be equipment which boost your stats when you wear them, or artifacts that will aid you in battle. Gemstones (bought with real world money) can be used to buy better equipment or artifacts.


From Kalius
  • Devouring Eye
  • Volcanic Whisper
  • Syphon Cube Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Syphon Globe Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Maelstrom Cube Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Maelstrom Globe Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Maelstrom Dominion Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Stone of Fury Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Stone of Fool Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Core Chain Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Dark Rope Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Void Net Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Wonder Egg Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Mystery Egg Gem item MMORPG.png
  • XP Magnificier Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Scroll of Champion Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Scroll of Air Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Energy Fountain Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Energy Elixir Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Energy Magnifier Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Moon Pendant Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Lunar Pendant Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Moonland Pendant Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Lightning Tears Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Leech Pebble Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Weeblit Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Leech Cube Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Leech Globe Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Tsunami Sphere Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Cyclone Gauntlet Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Tome of the Moon Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Tome of the Sun Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Tome of Balance Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Tome of Dream Gem item MMORPG.png
  • War Gauntlet Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Shield Gauntlet Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Scroll of Earth Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Zephyr Gauntlet Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Scroll of Water Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Wrath Gauntlet Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Barrier Gauntlet Gem item MMORPG.png
From Pulig (all gem items)
  • Scroll of Balance Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Glyph of Wind Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Orothean Amulet Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Remember Sphere Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Glyph of Light Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Book of Life Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Scroll of Leaf Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Neresh's Cord Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Glyph of Wisdom Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Storm Barier Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Scroll of Source Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Glyph of Healing Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Glyph of Life Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Scroll of Seed Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Scroll of Life Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Scroll of Woodland Gem item MMORPG.png

Aegris Equipment

From Kalius
  • Cloud Staff
  • Living Staff
  • Coral Staff
  • Emerald Staff
  • Earth Staff
  • Crustaceous Staff
  • Mystery Egg Gem item MMORPG.png
From Gogor
  • Eye of Naroom
  • Light Helm
  • Headband of the Deep
  • Arderial Headband
  • Ancestral Helm
  • Verdant Armor
  • Crescent Vest
  • Leather Plate
  • Carillion Suit
  • Dreamthread Vest
  • Gogor's Protective Coat
  • Blacksmith's Greaves
  • Arderial Trousers
  • Iron Greaves
  • Hood of Hiding Gem item MMORPG.png


From Adis
  • Vine Sash
  • Winged Cloth Bag
  • Travel Backpack
  • Superior Arderial Backpack
  • Relic Hunter's Backpack
  • Warrior's Backpack
  • Backpack of Wonders
  • Yaki's Handbag
  • Bark Thimble Belt
  • Blacksmith's Belt
  • Ancient Waistguard
  • Channeler's Gloves
  • Metal Gloves
  • Stone Armband
  • Ancestral Gloves
  • Leaf Armband
  • Leather Gloves
  • Coral Armband
  • Arderial Armband
  • Fire Bracelet
  • Spiked Shoes
  • Arderial Shoes
  • Adventurer's Backpack Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Expedition Pouch Gem item MMORPG.png
From Kalius (all gem items)
  • Wonder Egg Gem item MMORPG.png
  • Mystery Egg Gem item MMORPG.png


Opponents found in the Shadow Hunter mode of play include the following Magi:

Naroom Magi
Orothe Magi

Other Magi

Many Magi exist to help the player during the game in various ways.

  • Orwin: Provides access to the Naroom portal and helps the player in the tutorial quest.
  • Sperri
  • Strag
  • Pruitt: Dreamsmith who forges Animite from shards
  • Orlon
  • Fossik: Keeps track of the top 20 Magi
  • Ranger Dex: keeps track of the top 20 Magi in player versus player (PvP) battles
  • Adis: Sells Relics
  • Jaela: Provides access to the Arderial portal
  • Kalius: Sells Artifacts
  • Gogor: Sells Relics
  • Gulig: Provides access to the Underneath portal
  • Motash
  • Yaki: Trains the player in battle during the tutorial quest


  • The game contains its fair share of re-namings and misspellings. Arboll is called Leaf Arboll, Grakanden is misspelled as Gradakan and Gradankan, and Parmalag is misspelled as "Parlamag."
  • The Luck stat serves no purpose on any character other than the player.