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Environment Clouds
Creatures Arderian Creatures
Magi Arderian Magi
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Arderial Nar
Weave, Naroom

Arderial is a Moonland located in the skies above the continent which is characterized primarily by clouds and a few high-reaching mountains. The Arderian Magi often possess wings, and Arderian Dream Creatures often resemble birds and clouds. The Moonland is ruled by the Regis, Jaela.

Magi-Nation Duel


Arderial decks often revolve around replenishing the player's hand with cards such as Cloud Sceptre, Crushing Winds, and Tradewinds. Arderian spells often both deal damage to opposing Creatures and add energy to allied Creatures, and some spells, such as Cataclysm and Shockwave, can directly discard Creatures


Arderial was visited by Tony Jones after meeting an Arderian when trying to open the gate to the Core. Tony shortly went to Arderial, which was under siege by Shadow Magi. A fifth Shadow Geyser appeared in the northernmost part of Arderial, and Tony recovered the fifth and final Core Stone required for the Core Glyph to function.


The city of Arderial is centered around the palace of Jaela at the entry point to the Moonland. At the end of central skyway is a small cluster of buildings housing a historian, a shop, and the Arderian Ringsmith, Lasada. To the south of the city of a temple with a stone circle leading to Vash Naroom. Buildings farther from the palace are more spaced apart along the skyway. The buildings of Arderial contain numerous items including Master Runes.


Three skyways suspended by fans comprise the path between the main sections of Arderial. Here, the Dream Creatures of the region can be encountered. If Tony freed the prisoners of the Shadowhold, a hidden basement in the platforms contained one of the prisoners who would reward Tony.


Two high-reaching mountains extend into Arderial, piercing the clouds. Between these peaks, the powerful Orathan Flyers roam.

TV Series

The Final Dreamers and Orwin traveled to the clouds of Arderial on Shirdor in order to visit the headmistress and teacher of wind magic, Shimmer. The region was troubled by territorial Cyclone Vashps due to collusion between the Shadow Magi, Korg and Zet, and Magistrate Nimbulo to disturb the cloud keeper. The Final Dreamers and Shimmer managed to stop this plot with some assistance from the Arderial Guardian Hyren. Cloud Cover

Notable Inhabitants