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Moonland Universal
User(s) Magi
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Moonland Universal
User(s) Magi
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Moonland Variable
User(s) Magi

Animite is a crystalline substance that originates from Dream Creatures and, when forged by a Ringsmith or Dreamsmith, is used to magine them from the Dream Plane. Animite crystals come in twelve different colors, one for each of the twelve Moonlands.

Magi-Nation Duel

Animite serves as the universal currency of the Moonlands and must be forged into a ring in order to magine a Dream Creature.


Animite is obtained by defeating opposing Dream Creatures in battle and may be used as currency. Rarer infused Animite is used by the region's Ringsmith to forge a ring to magine the Creature.

Tony Jones found an Animite crystal within the Tavel Gorge cave and once was able to magine its Furok directly. Upon entering the Moonlands, the Animite was forged into a Furok ring for easier use.

TV Series

A Dream Creature's Animite is obtained by a Magi by gaining the Creature's trust, after which the Creature may be called upon at will. Dream Creatures are magined and dismissed verbally with the following phrases, respectively: "With this Animite, I magine…" and "to the Dream Plane." Final Dreamer



  • Animite may be based on the English word "animal" and the word Latin word "anima," meaning "soul".