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Agadon's Boots

Agadons Boots GBC.png

CCG Information
Gameboy Information
Moonland Cald / Orothe
User(s) Agadon
Tony Jones
Series Information

Agadon's Boots are a Relic of disputed ownership between Cald and Orothe. These boots permit the user to jump superhuman distances.


Agadon's Boots were a former possession of the legendary Magi, Agadon. Agadon's Boots were found by Tony Jones in the Orothe Vault, though Valkan claimed that they belonged to the Cald.

These boots would become obsoleted upon the acquisition of the Eye of the Storm and in part, by the Orothean Belt.


  • The uncertain ownership of Agadon's Boots between Cald and Orothe may be a reference to the war that took place over the Scroll of Fire.