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• 2/10/2019

Is there going to be a Season 3?

I want to know if there is going to be a season 3. If yes how long is it going to take? Will it be good? Will we still have the same voice casts?

If no then Season 2 finale where Agram has his eye on the vortex relic on Earth is unwanted.

It would be quite disappointing that there wouldn't be a season 3 because I really enjoyed it and I learned so much about it. Both the science and magic of Magi nation. I have prediction that if it does continue I reckon the next season will involve Earth. I think it will be where Moonland meets Earth,

I am quite enthusiastic and excited about it. I am hoping to see it soon.

If anyone has any ideas please feel free for replies. I am really curious to know. Thank you.

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• 7/7/2018

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• 6/11/2016

Show produced in North Korea?

So I was doing some digging and most of the links about the show are dead. Except one:
And on that page I found something very interesting:
Countries of Origin: Canada, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (aka North Korea)
That has to be a typo. If it was made in North Korea it wouldn't be allowed in the US...
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• 1/4/2015

Did Tony's Grandfather know what was to happen to Tony?

It's never explicitly stated in the show that Tony's grandfather intended Tony to go to the moonlands. But I've got the suspicion this is so.
First off - Tony comes into his grandfather's room - showing him a picture of Furok. After you understand that Tony's grandfather knew Furok, it becomes clear that he tried to fake not knowing the name.
Then, he insists on giving him the ring - hinting at "the race of your life" when asked for a reason. His insistence is beyond what his character (as little as we see him) would seem to do under normal circumstances. Because of this, I conclude that Tony's grandfather gave Tony the ring to intentionally transfer him to the moonlands.

Then comes the issue of timing - isn't it a coincidence that the ring is summonned the day that the ring was given to him? The ring could have activated for decades before then - but it never did. Why is that? I have a few possible explanations: A) There was a certain day and time that the ring was to be activated, and Tony's grandfather gave him the ring that day. Seems plausible at first, but then you have to realize that the transfer was done on an impulse. B) Time is warped between the two worlds, and it picked the first time that the final dreamer wore the ring. My problem with this is that it did not activate the moment Tony touched it - it took time. C) Tony's grandfather was able to communicate with the Moonlands. Unfortunately, Tony's grandfather is shown giving him the ring before the transfer is planned. D) It was simply dumb luck. But that's seriously doubtful - it seems as if Tony's grandfather desperately wanted to give Tony the ring that day.
Does anyone else have any ideas?
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• 4/27/2014

Image Maintenance

Yup, another maintenance thread. So, I've been looking through the files on the wiki, and we've got a problem. About 400 uploaded files are completely unused on the wiki (that's 28% of all files). A number of these are card scans that should be added to articles, while others have no possible use on articles. A number of these images dealt with minute details, mostly text-based, which may be worth mentioning but don't really require an illustration.
Another issue to deal with are Infobox images. Most are cropped cards from MND which have zero consistency on aspect ratio (400x330 or 40:33 seems to be a good fit). Infobox images that are really narrow (relative to the height) really mess up the formatting.
We should probably move towards white-background images for Infoboxes as well, where possible, especially for the GBC / GBA images. This would make distinguishing the subject matter form the background be many times easier. Photoshop is a good tool for doing so on MND images without the edges becoming pixellated / jagged.
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• 4/23/2014

Infobox 4.0

Unless I missed something, all Infoboxes have now been upgraded to Version 4.0 on the wiki. This version changes up a bit of how images are coded into Infoboxes and uses more of a Wikia-standard width.
I've switched some of the coloration for the Relics, Items, and Spells. My question: do we want to keep Items and Spells with their unique Infobox color scheme, or should we also use the Moonland-specific color schemes there?
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• 4/23/2014

CCG and Categorization

So, the CCG aspect of Magi-Nation is at one point the simplest aspect and in another aspect a bit of a predicament. The Magi-Nation Duel section typically is the shortest section of an article as the content is mostly about what sets a character (etc.) was released in, plus a little strategy.
However… one issue we face is how to treat cards. Should they each have their own article (we're talking a figure easily exceeding 1000)? Even if we did so, how would we distinguish the cards from the articles? And should duel-region cards receive one or two articles? Would separate articles even be useful? Also, would there be any way to do that without simply reproducing card text, which comes dangerously close to plagiarism.
At current, I've been moving towards consolidating content to a single article page. The card scans appear towards the bottom of the page, in a CCG Gallery section. The size is 300px, and clicking the image in the gallery brings up a large image which is easily readable (ex: Jungle Hyren).
Also, if we're using the articles for the pages, should the pages also be classified (as current) by CCG set release, in addition to the image categorization? If so, should the categorizations also include the demo decks, and (how) should they be differentiated on the wiki?
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• 4/23/2014

Related Species

At current, related species of Dream Creatures are grouped together into species categories and are grouped into a Related Species section on articles. Well… that is on some articles. A lot of newer articles don't include this section at all, and other listings aren't always all-inclusive. I've also found that (oops on my part) the categories mis-capitalize Species.
So, I've been contemplating switching up how this is done. Using a template would be quite a feasible way to make sure that the lists are complete across articles and would mean that only one page would need to be edited to update the lists on multiple articles. While doing so may be less necessary for, say the Raxis Species, it would make things many times easier for the Arboll Species and Furok Species.
Included in the category would be a bulleted list of species, with links to every articles. When on a particular Dream Creature's page, its link would simply appear in bold. Also included would be the page categorization. Potentially included would be a note as to the Creature's Moonland should that be determined to be useful.
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• 4/21/2014

Moonland Subcategories

One thing that I've noticed is that the various Moonlands have their own respective adjective forms (for example, Naroomese for Naroom). I have verified that all such terms are used in the official literature that accompanied MND.
For the sake of keeping things grammatically correct, should we also use these terms in the categories? Doing so, for example, would update Kybar's Teeth Magi —> Kybarite Magi. The full list of terms are: Arderian, Bograthian, Calder, Core, d'Reshi, Kybarite, Naran, Naroomese, Orothean, Paradan, Underling, and Weaver.
Due to the number of involved categories, this pretty much would require a bot.
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• 4/13/2014


Per Thread:5352, we could use a bot to do some of the automated cleanup here (please see that thread for specifics). I have a bot named trackersinterfacebot that could help with some of these tasks.
If everyone is in agreement and there are no objections within a few days, I will submit this request to Staff.
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• 4/6/2014

2014 Plans

As may be obvious to some, things have become a bit stagnant and cobwebbed over the years. The following list includes some fixes but also delves into other arenas of maintenance and the general future of the wiki.

All articles need to be given an Infobox
All verbatim material (i.e. card text) needs to be removed from mainspace articles
TV series information needs to be compiled
Official MND literature information needs to be compiled
Create articles for all known characters, items, etc.
Fanon / speculation / rumors need to be purged
Articles should include a link to the image gallery
Articles should include some form of episode appearance list
CCG pages for individual cards should be discussed
Add full set listings for the expansions, demo decks, etc.
Gallery pages for subject classifications need to be created
The {{PD}} template on files needs to be replaced with {{fairuse}}
Duplicate images should be merged or deleted
Add card scans for all cards (as articles are created)
Add screenshots for TV characters, items, etc.
Categorizations need to be updated to the current standard
All images need to be classified by source and subject
Images should be renamed to document the source media
Card scans should include a two- or three-letter designation by set
Dual-Moonland releases in the same set should include the region abbreviation
Episode screenshot designations should be in the format of S#E##
Infobox images (1:1 - 330x330px or 4:3 - 400x300 px) should be created by removing backgrounds
Deal with over 330 unused images on the wiki
All Infoboxes need to be updated to Ver 4.0
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• 3/24/2014

MNW Layout and Theme

I've been speaking with a friend regarding multimedia and the web. He gave a few suggestions, so I'd like to put out a few ideas and see if there are any other suggestions.

The main thing is that the link colors are very similar to the current background color. I'd be up for testing different combinations (hyperlink, background, header-footer, and buttons). The main thing here would be generating contrast and still remaining true to Magi-Nation as a whole.

Another suggestion was to choose a background that would be more easily recognized as Magi-Nation material. I was wondering about possibly using a tile of different colored Animite icons.

Wiki Logo
With the current background, the MNW wiki logo doesn't pop very well, leaving portions of the word "wiki" impossible to see. Working with colors may solve this, but I'd be open to any ideas on updating the logo as well.

The favicon (icon shown when browsing the web) evidently does not have a transparent background. I can get that changed easily but was wondering if we might want a bit of an update as well.
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• 1/15/2014

Wanting to start a little project

Hey~ So I'm trying to kind of start a project, but it's not really feasible on my own since there are some things that I'm a bit clueless on. But I also don't really want to get too deep into a project if there aren't people willing to help? D:
Obviously MN is a super old game, and the series died out in a bad way, so if there aren't many people who are active here or other MN sites, I wouldn't be surprised.
But I kind of want to break this game D: And also get a text dump, which I can't figure out how to do x___x It looks like the text is easy enough to get through pretty simple methods, but it's so many lines orz
I can be a bit more specific about what I'm looking to do, if there are people who want to help~!
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• 9/14/2013

How to watch the show?

I've been watching the show on Netflix, but it's since been taken off. I haven't found a way to watch the complete series. Here is the first 10 episodes for $2.99 a month, and here is 6 assorted episodes from Season 1 avaliable for $0.99 each. Other than that, I haven't found it anywhere, other than a few removed Youtube videos. They do have two DVD's with three episodes each: Magi Nation: the Moonlands for $6.84 (add shipping if you don't buy $25 worth of merchandise) and Magi Nation: Fight the Shadows for $4.99 (add $3.99 shipping). I checked iTunes, Youtube and a bunch of other sites but it is like the show simply does not exist anymore.
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• 7/20/2013

Is the Dream Plane a realm?

The only other places to have Guardian Hyrens are realms, so could the Dream Plane be considered a 13th realm?
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• 7/1/2013

Changes to Rules

The "Regarding IP Addresses" section is now pointless, as IP's are not allowed on certain wikis. Also, under Copyrighted Images - [|4Kids TV] should be changed to [ 4Kids TV] (which results in 4Kids TV)
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• 5/17/2013

the book of elder

it do have all clues of the other episode.
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• 3/12/2013

Balder Amulet: what did it do?

The Balder Amulet was a Kybar's Teeth relic that was supposed to be released in the Traitor's Reach expansion that we never got. 
Does anyone happen to know what it did? All I know is that it has something to enhance Balder decks and Wessig wears one in the preview art.
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This post is locked.
• 2/7/2013

Reviving Maintenance and Clean-up

As discussed in Forum:Clean-up Needed (now archived), things in general are getting a bit cluttered and chaotic. As I have been having to sort out a fairly massive copyright issue on the Huntik Wiki lately, I'm more or less stuck just overseeing things as opposed to actively working to sort this out myself, apart from template-side coding. That's where the community of the MNW can hopefully chime in as well as help. I do understand that this will be a lot to reply to, so feel free to respond to as much or as little as you wish ; )

Contents[show] Conflicting Media
Probably one of the most confusing issues with Magi-Nation in general is that, however much may be held in common between the primary media (Gameboy games, TCG, and TV series, for example), much more seems to be different.
I can think of two primary ways to address getting information sorted. The first option is to have a character have a single page divided based upon media appearances. The second option is to fully divide the MNW into projects under namespaces such as GBC, TCG, and TV, where the main space would serve as a disambiguation between the projects. The second option would require an admin (Vellup or myself) sending a request to staff.

Probably one of the first issues after that has been point of view. Characters should be referred to in-universe. For instance, instead of saying "Agram is a fictional character in Magi-Nation who serves as the primary antagonist to to Tony, Edyn, and Stragg," it would be better to say "Agram is a Shadow Magi who serves as the primary antagonist to Tony, Edyn, and Stragg." (For this reason, the Fictional History sections all need to be changed.)

Page Layouts
Page layouts will be pretty much determined by how we end up dividing articles. However, in both cases, a couple things are held in common.
Firstly, the introductory paragraph should be about as general as possible. Basically, this section serves to describe the topic and give a general, objective overview. Neither of the media should be favored here, and neither should be treated as more or less canon.
Secondly, some form of history-oriented section should follow based upon the specific media. Basically, follow the events from that media. This would primarily be for the GBC and TV sections. Some of these sections may be further divided for stats and whatever else is necessary.
Thirdly, it would seem to make more sense to include a card gallery where applicable instead of simply reciting the card text, verbatim, on the main article. This was done in the early days of the Wiki primarily for filler. A card gallery would also allow for the displaying of alternate-Moonland cards as well as alternate-text cards.
Fourthly, come sections such as Related Species (or "Alternates") and Trivia. Related species could either be mentioned towards the beginning, just after the intro, or towards the end of the article after the host of media appearances. Trivia should always come as the very last section of the article.

While I highly regret this on some level, it may be necessary to look into making certain infoboxes span the full width of the top of the page and include general info, and images, from the primary media sources. This could be used on the single-article format or on a disambiguation article in the multiple-article format.

As these would be fairly large changes, there's almost definitely something that hasn't been mentioned above. With 620 articles currently on the MNW, this will take some time but won't be as big an issue as wikis containing multiple-thousand articles. Once a plan of action is together, the easiest thing may be to work alphabetically through Magi, Dream Creature, and Spell / Relic pages first, and then deal with the remaining articles last.
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• 12/13/2012


I finished playing Magi-Nation and chose "start a new game with the same dream creatures". When I go through the game, Gia never sends me to go meet the seer, (so his house is always locked) and even after I got the Cloud Frond, I can't cure Orwin! What did I do wrong?
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